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ART OF GLASS – “Steklarstvo Omahen”

ART OF GLASS – “Steklarstvo Omahen”

… the latest promo material for “Steklarstvo Omahen” (glazier).

Capturing transparency and reflections was a great experience and photographic challenge. It took me to some nice locations decorated with “Omahen” glass products, becoming more aware of beauty and complexity of this craft and material as well….



Photography: Iztok Medja


Omahenn_01 Omahenn_02 Omahenn_03 Omahenn_05 Omahenn_04 Omahenn_07 Omahenn_08 Omahenn_09 Omahenn_11 Omahenn_13 Omahenn_12 Omahenn_10 Omahenn_14